EMBRC needs to identify which ecological timeseries already exist in Europe (starting from EMBRC partners but not limited to) with the aim of identifying climatic and anthropic impacts on biodiversity.

The taxa targeted are from viruses to whales, and the time length should be more towards 10 years rather than 5. 

The more we move towards the past, the more of course it would be difficult to find data based on DNA sequencing/barcoding and even if they are available maybe the protocol is not comparable with the other ones. We need to collect this information based on any kind of sample and contextual environmental data and metadata because the analysis is not limited to molecular data and there may be the possibility of integrating/filling gaps/prolonging some interesting time series in the future with Genoscope.

That’s why we invite you to carefully fill in the attached survey following the formats and the instructions with as much as details as you can and as soon as possible.

Please spread this survey also to interested colleagues and institutes even if they are not part of EMBRC.

Deadline March 31 2023

Maria Luisa Chiusano & Giorgio Vingiani

For contacts or questions please mail to both: (JRU Manager) (WG E-Infrastructure)