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Acanthaster planci genome portal
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A Genome Browser access point is available and it includes:

  • genome assembly sequence from RefSeq;
  • the gene annotations versions from RefSeq and MarineGenomics (predicted and re-mapped); 
  • all the available ESTs downloaded from dbEST.

Search for specific elements through the dedicated Query page.

Genome content overview:
the following genome assemblies are available in the platform: 

  • GCF_001949145.1_OKI-Apl_1 from RefSeq.

Gene content overview:
the following gene annotations are available in the platform: 

  • version 100 from RefSeq;
  • oki-cotsv1.0.EVM2 from MarineGenomcis.

Notes from BIOINforMA:
we re-mapped the transcripts sequences predicted by a source
on the assembly of another one.

The result is an extended annotation files:
1) based on the RefSeq assembly.

Clicking on the links above, you will redirect to dedicated pages with an interactive table, where there are reported the annotated and remapped transcripts (Transcript ID) per available resource (Annotated by), their location (Region, Start, End, Strand) and their functional annotation (when available). Search by keyword in the “Search” box, plus Sorting and Filtering can be applied. Direct links of the  selected genes to the JBrowse is also available.


Download information:

Source Genome Assembly (FASTA-big file) Gene Annotation (GFF3) Gene Sequences (FASTA) mRNA Sequences (FASTA) Protein Sequences (FASTA)
RefSeq GCF_001949145.1 v. 100 download download download
MarineGenomics GCF_001949145.1 oki-cotsv1.0.EVM2 download download download

Genome Assembly: FASTA file of all the chromosome/scaffolds/contigs;
Gene Annotation: GFF file containing information about all the annotated genes, mRNAs, UTRs, CDSs;
Gene Sequences: FASTA file of all the gene sequences;
mRNA Sequences: FASTA file of all the mRNA sequences;
Protein Sequences: FASTA file of all the protein sequences.