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Gasterosteus aculeatus genome portal
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A Genome Browser access point is available and it includes:

  • a JBrowse built based on the genome assembly sequences from Ensembl;
  • the gene annotation version from Ensembl; 
  • all the available ESTs downloaded from dbEST.

Search for specific elements through the dedicated Query page.

Genome content overview:
the following genome assemblies are available in the platform: 

  • BROAD S1 from Ensembl.

Notes from BIOINforMA:
a genome assembly is available also on NCBI but the assembly version is very old (contigs level) and without a gene annotation.

Gene content overview:
the following gene annotation is available in the platform: 

  • version 95 from Ensembl.


Download information:

Source Genome Assembly (FASTA-big file) Gene Annotation (GFF3) Gene Sequences (FASTA) mRNA Sequences (FASTA) Protein Sequences (FASTA)
Ensembl BROAD S1 v. 95 download download download

Genome Assembly: FASTA file of all the chromosome/scaffolds/contigs;
Gene Annotation: GFF file containing information about all the annotated genes, mRNAs, UTRs, CDSs;
Gene Sequences: FASTA file of all the gene sequences;
mRNA Sequences: FASTA file of all the mRNA sequences;
Protein Sequences: FASTA file of all the protein sequences.