BIOINforMA (Bioinformatics for Marine Biology) is a flagship project of SZN, that supported the start up of a core facility to implement and maintain resources, methodologies and services for general and advanced computational strategies for Marine molecular biology, with the aim of contributing to innovating research for discovering, valuing and protecting marine life (SZN vision 2015-2025).

The initiative aims to conveying multidisciplinary competences into a unique framework, trained and grown integrated for enhancing synergistic effects, versatility and interoperability to face the expanding demand for bioinformatics and for organized, centralized facilities, contributing to reduce the costs for training and outsourcing and to preserve and increase the know-how in the field.

The implementation of core facilities for bioinformatics, enbedded in the SZN fervouring scientific context, constantly experiencing evolving technologies to face highly ambitious scientific challenges, will favour a reciprocal education, establishing a common language, common sensitivity and common goals to face frontier approaches, evolve technological advances and promote cutting edge research.

A core infrastructure for bioinformatics will provide the most suitable framework for
implementing testing and offering dedicated strategies, as well as appropriate, appealing and competitive resources, databases, scientific computational platforms for all the interested community, within and outside of the institute, expanding the key role of the SZN Institute in Marine genomics.

The establishment of a coordinated framework to establish and integrate such competences is also promising to make SZN evolve as a reference center in the field of bioinformatics for “omics”, implementing services and dedicated resources for Marine biology and Ecology.