BIOINforMA offers tools and education in Bioinformatics. Mainly:

– Basic Bioinformatics  

– Genomics

– Metagenomics

– “Omics” Data Integration (from Genome to Phenomics, considering Epigenomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics data and the environment).

Further support is offered for:

– Software Development: Algorithm Design and/or Implementation

– Database design

Thanks to a cutting edge core infrastructure, we provide the following services:

  • Data analysis:

– Support for data analysis and experimental project design

– Methodologies for basic and advanced bioinformatics

– Education and training in bioinformatics

  • Massive data maintenance:

– Support for data maintenance

– Support for data curation and integration (as Service, Consultant or in Scientific collaborations)

  • Design, implementation and maintenance of dedicated databases:

We offer support for “omics” data management, organization and distribution. Upon request, we can support with analyses and data integration to define added value information content. Collections may be for private or public maintainance.

We offer support developing software and tools for special purpose analyses based on already available methodologies or on novel in house implemented methods. As example, we offer a BLAST service for dedicated collections.

All activities are offered as a service, or consulting, or in the framework of scientific collaborations upon specific agreements.

All forms needed for specific requests are available here.
Please contact the responsible of the service for further details.