13th BBCC 2018 meeting

The yearly appointment with BBCC is approaching!
The Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Conference will be held in Naples from 19th to 21th November 2018.

BBCC, born as a regional meeting,  is now an international event on bioinformatics and computational biology. 

Registrations are now open. Late submissions of your contributions can still be accepted until October 31st.

The conference is intended as a meeting point for the international community with a focus on different topics related to bioinformatics and computational biology:

  • Molecular Simulations
  • Omics and Inter-Omics Data Mining
  • Bioinformatics and Computational Biology for Biotechnologies and Industry
  • Combinatorial Optimization in Molecular Biology
  • AgriFood Applications
  • Health data analysis
  • Metagenomics

BIOINforMa will attend the meeting. Soon we will update you with our contributions!

More information is available on the BBCC website.



The group presented, as oral communication, two abstracts at the conference, published in PeerJ Preprints:

1. Colantuono C., Miralto M., Sangiovanni M., Ambrosino L., Chiusano ML. “GENOMA: a multilevel platform for marine biology“. No. e27347v1. PeerJ Preprints, 2018.

2. Sangiovanni M., Piredda R., Miralto M., Tangherlini M., Chiusano ML. “Data sharing and interoperability from multi-source long term observations: challenges and opportunities in marine biology“. No. e27344v1. PeerJ Preprints, 2018.


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