BASIC Course in Bioinformatics 2022

Course Title

Introductory Course to Bioinformatics


Coordinator(s) email and phone

Bioinformatics, Computational Analysis & Data Management (BAC) Unit

Mail: – Phone: 081 5833452


Responsible of BAC: Prof. Maria Luisa Chiusano

Mail: – Phone: 081 5833452


Course description

This is an introductory course in bioinformatics. It provides an overview of current methodologies in bioinformatics, from basic data analyses to omics. Practice sessions on basic sequence data analyses will be included. Selected examples of bioinformatics approaches and pipelines for more complex analyses will be presented.


Suggested reading material

Basic knowledge in Molecular Biology.


List of faculty members/organizers

Prof. Maria Luisa Chiusano

Dr. Luca Ambrosino

Dr. Pasquale De Luca

Dr. Michael Tangherlini

Dr. Luciano Bosso

Dr. Marco Miralto


Logistic (e.g. where will the course take place)

The Course will be held in the Conference Room of the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Villa Comunale, 80121, Naples (Italy).

A fully charged laptop with a web browser is required. The metabarcoding/metagenomics sessions need that the laptop should be equipped with R, possibly RStudio (both at last version available) with Bioconductor, phyloseq, ANCOMBC, tidyverse, vegan and ggpubr packages.


Eventual request of support from SZN Units and Offices

We require the technical support of SIST unit to organize the seminars in the Conference Room of Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn of Naples


Timetable of the course

Monday 9th May:

10:00-12:30 Maria Luisa Chiusano


Overview and basic concepts

14:00-16:30 Maria Luisa Chiusano/Luca Ambrosino

            Sequence Similarity and Molecular databases

Theory and practice


Tuesday 10th May:

10:00-12:30 Luca Ambrosino

            Structure and functional annotation

            Theory and practice

14:00-16:30 Luca Ambrosino

            Introduction to Protein Structure Bioinformatics


Wednesday 11th May:

10:00-12:30 Pasquale De Luca/Luca Ambrosino

            Introduction to NGS technologies

14:00-16:30  Luca Ambrosino

            Genomics and Trascriptomics data analyses


Thursday 12th May:

10:00-12:30 Michael Tangherlini

            Principles of metagenomics/metabarcoding data analysis

14:00-16:30 Michael Tangherlini

            Example of metagenomics/metabarcoding pipeline


Friday 13th May:

10:00-12:30 Luciano Bosso/Maria Luisa Chiusano

            Data Sharing for Synergistic Efforts

            Presentation of BAC Services and People