BIOINforMA meets SZN: the halfway checkpoint

WHEN: Thursday 19 July 10:30 -13:00

WHERE: Conference room, SZN A. Dohrn, Villa Comunale 1, Napoli

A series of spot presentations will be held on the 19th of July to introduce the efforts of the BIOINforMA group in setting up the Bioinformatics services, while accomplishing the BIOINforMA bandiera project.

We will shortly present what is already available and what will be ready by the end of the first project year (expected in December 2018).

The meeting is intended also to establish a common framework, and the most suitable language to facilitate the support of the end users of the bioinformatics services.

The BIOINforMA group will present what has been done and what can be done for Stazione Zoologica. In particular: software, main upcoming resources, example use cases and possible services. Topics covered in the seminar will encompass genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic analyses, as well as metagenomics and metabarcoding. An introductory overview on High Performance Computing in SZN will be also given.


Maria Luisa Chiusano: Introduction

Chiara Colantuono: “Genomics and transcriptomics: from raw data to users“:

  1. Genomic/Transcriptomic assembly and annotation
  2. The importance of a reference genome annotation: the GENOMA platform
  3. Differentially Expressed Genes: an RNA-seq application

Luca Ambrosino: “Comparative genomics and Structural proteomics:  sequence and structural similarities to unveil hidden features“:

  1. Comparative genomics: orthologs/paralogs prediction and functional annotations
  2. Structural proteomics: 3D-modeling of protein structures

Michael Tangherlini: “Metagenomics: a toolshed to illuminate the dark sides of diversity

  1. Assembly de novo
  2. Metagenome annotation
  3. Genome binning

Roberta Piredda: “DNA barcoding and metabarcoding”

  1. DNA barcoding: definition and potential applications
  2. DNA metabarcoding: a tool for multiple purposes

Marco Miralto and Mara Sangiovanni: “HPC systems @ SZN A Dohrn

  1. High Performance Computing: supercomputers and clusters
  2. HPC facilities @SZN
  3. Other facilities @SZN

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