Pseudo-nitzschia multistriata portal

The BIOINforMA group is glad to announce the release of the SZN genome website of the marine diatom Pseudo-nitzschia multistriata, accessible here.
The ‘pmultistriata’ website includes information about the P. multistriata genome and its annotation, which was produced within a project coordinated by Dr. Maria Immacolata Ferrante (Department of Integrative Marine Ecology of Stazione Zoological Anton Dohrn) and funded by SZN and the Marie Curie Integration Grant GyPSy.
The results of the genome sequencing project are reported in Basu et al., 2017[1].

The portal ‘pmultistriata’ includes:
– A Genome Browser access point: an interactive graphic interface to investigate the P. multistriata genome.

– The Gene Content Overview: an interactive table including information about gene annotations (eg. the gene name and its position in the genome) and functional details (eg. gene functional information and associated descriptors).

– A BLAST service: align one or more sequences versus the P. multistriata genome, mRNAs or proteins.

– The Download Section: the links permit to directly download relevant information (eg.: Genome Assembly; Gene Annotation; mRNA and Protein Sequences).

1. Swaraj Basu, Shrikant Patil, Daniel Mapleson, Monia Teresa Russo, Laura Vitale, Cristina Fevola, Florian Maumus, Raffaella Casotti, Thomas Mock, Mario Caccamo, Marina Montresor, Remo Sanges, Maria Immacolata Ferrante. Finding a partner in the ocean: molecular and evolutionary bases of the response to sexual cues in a planktonic diatom. New Phytologist (2017) 215: 140–156. doi: 10.1111/nph.14557

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